First non-drug, non-invasive solution for constipation – the alternative to enemas, laxatives & surgery.

MOWOOT Investment Exposé

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Quick Facts

Investment type: Profit participation
Exit Bonus
Type of Investment: Profit participation certificates
Venture Category

Digital Medical Device

Financing Round

Series A

Business Phase
Sales Expansion
Deal Terms

Funding Target

€ 2 m

Investor Yield

equity-like participation in company development


MOWOOT: a simple yet excellent solution addressing a clear unmet need

The company usMIMA S.L. developed MOWOOT, a novel, non-drug, non-invasive solution to constipation in the form of a
CE-certified class IIa medical device, that generates an exo-peristaltic effect to moves the feces in a natural way with only 10-20 minutes of daily treatment. This novel treatment is called Intermittent Colonic Exo-Peristalsis© and is designed to solve constipation especially in chronic patients.

Clear go-to market strategy in a huge, growing market

MOWOOT competes in the market of chronic constipation, potentially affecting up to 24% of the general population, with the 1st phase of expansion focusing on Europe. The target market in this first phase are patients with a neurological health condition (with a constipation prevalence of up to 80%) and the elderly (40% prevalence). The device is already mentioned in German and British clinical guidelines and getting reimbursed by many private health insurance companies in Germany. Public reimbursement is currently getting established.

An innovative solution that closes a gap in the market

Patients are looking actively for a better, more natural solution with less side effects. That is why MOWOOT has been developed for home and clinical use. The system is already in use in several European countries including Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain and others.

Certified Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance

The current principal product “MOWOOT II Intestinal Transit Management System” is CE certified as a class IIa active therapeutic medical device. The company usMIMA S.L. holds Certificate Number: CE 649373 and operates an ISO13485 certified Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with the MDR requirements for the design, manufacture, sales and distribution of therapy devices for the treatment of chronic constipation.

Published positive clinical results in several studies

The medical device MOWOOT has been developed and tested in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists of a leading European neuro-rehabilitation hospital, Institut Guttmann, and safety and efficacy have been proven in several clinical studies.

  • MOWOOT improves stool consistency (Bristol scale)
  • MOWOOT increases the frequency of defecation.
  • MOWOOT reduces the duration of defecation.
  • MOWOOT reduces the number of failed defecation attempts.
  • MOWOOT improves overall chronic constipation related symptoms.
  • MOWOOT improves health-related Quality of life

Read more in the McClurg et al 2020

Key Highlights

Proof of business – IP protected – Distribution agreements in place

Proof of Business was already made with first product sales in Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Spain, while the break-even is expected in 2023.

Moreover, MOWOOT is has protected IP, is clinically proven and first distribution agreements are in place for several core European markets.

MOWOOT fills an unmet need in the market

In Germany alone there are 0.5m patients suffering from MOWOOT´s beachhead indication: Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction. In the whole EU and US together, this number is as high as 120m patients. Typical solutions like drugs, invasive devices or even surgeries are not effective and furthermore have several side effects. MOWOOT complements the existing solutions and fits right into the current step-by-step treatment approach (see bowel management pyramid)!

Expert management team

The experienced team consists of professionals in the fields of Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences, Telecommunications, Product Design, Finance and Marketing. Together with a well-renowned international advisory board and steering committee, usMIMA has everything a venture needs to succeed.

Attractive business model

usMIMA’s role is the coordination of all manufacturing and distribution activities with its established industry partners. The company aims to generate revenue through the following two revenue streams:

  1. Selling products like MOWOOT to distributors or hospitals.
  2. Licensing of the underlying intellectual property of its medical devices (“IP”) to distributors and the industry for purposes of distributing the product under a different brand name.

Public healthcare reimbursement

Most of MOWOOT sales in the German market are already reimbursed by private and public healthcare providers for patients with neurogenic bowel disease. MOWOOT expects to receive public healthcare reimbursement for the broad indication “chronic constipation” in Germany by 2022 and in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK by 2023.

A clear roadmap for the use of funds

usMIMA is aiming at a total of € 2.0m of funding within the years 2021 to 2022 to expand operations geographically in Europe and establish public healthcare reimbursement for the MOWOOT devices in major European markets.

Clear benefits for several stakeholders

  • Patients: Solving an important problem more effective and without the side effects of other solutions
  • Payors: Reduced spending on treating constipation (cost-effectiveness)
  • Healthcare System: Reduction in costs for treatment management (caregivers & nursing time) and follow up, e.g., management of complications, surgical procedures, etc.


Expert management team

Experienced professionals are paving the road to success for MOWOOT.

Dr. Markus Wilhelms
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Markus Wilhelms holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and has more than 15 years of international experience in the field of intestinal health. He is experienced team leader with working experience in Europe, US and South America and an expert business coach at the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), as well as mentor and faculty member of various international, healthcare focused entrepreneurship programs.
Dr. Imma Herrero
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Immaculada Herrero has a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical sciences and a wide professional experience in Biomedical Research, as Coordinator & Principal Investigator in IDIBELL-HU Bellvitge, including designing and leading pre-clinical studies for drug development.
Dr. Angel Calzada
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Angel Calzada has a Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications and is specialized in Software Engineering. Furthermore, he has working experience in research settings, including the University La Salle R&D, DFKI in Saarbrucken (Germany) and CSTR in Edinburgh (Scotland).
Mark Benet
Chief Risk Management Officer & Co-Founder
Marc Benet Pozo is a technical engineer in the field of industrial design with a master’s degree in Design Engineering. He also has a postgraduate degree in industrial prototyping and has specialized in quality management systems and regulatory compliance for medical devices.
Josep Molinero
Chier Financial Officer
Josep Molinero has an MBA, and a a double M.Sc. in Systems Engineering and in Civil Engineering. With more than 20 years in consulting and management, he has developed his career in international and multicultural environment and holds a holistic business vision, acquired in large and startup companies.

Advisory board

Dr. Yehuda Zichermann
Advisory Board Mitglied
Dr. Zicherman is an experienced CEO, clinical manager, R&D manager and marketing manager of innovative medical device companies, especially in the field of disability aides and bowel management, and therefore has vast experience in exploring organizational matches between healthcare providers and medical products.
Josep Lluís Falcó
Advisory Board & Steering Committee Mitglied
Dr. Josep Lluís Falcó is the CEO at GENESIS Biomed SLU, a healthcare consulting firm in Spain. He also serves as CEO at Genesis Ventures, an investment fund in Spain and is member of the board in several companies and institutions, such as EIT Health, Corify and Endolipid Therapeutics.
Ian Sosso
Steering Committee Mitglied
Mr. Ian Sosso’s principal activities performed outside of the company include being Managing Partner at Monte Carlo Capital, a business angel club in Monaco, Non-Executive Director of Novarca, an investment consulting firm in Switzerland and serving as Adjunct Professor at the International University of Monaco.
Hans Borger
Steering Committee Mitglied
Mr. Hans Borger is the Managing Director of the German medtech distributor 4M Medical GmbH. 4M Medical GmbH is the exclusive distributor of MOWOOT devices in the D-A-CH region. Mr Borger has a vast experience in MedTech, Pharma, Trade Health Insurance Funds (public, private) and Re-imbursement of medical devices.



MOWOOT Investment Exposé

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MOWOOT Investor Information

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MOWOOT Investment Summary

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usMIMA S.L. Contact & Legal Notice

Av. de Cornellà 142,
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona,


Commercial Register: 3102, tomo 44540, folio 139, hoja 459235 Inscripción 1
Registered Office: Barcelona
Year of Incorporation: 2014
Managing Director: Dr. Markus Wilhelms

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MOWOOT Investment Exposé

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